CyberCogs CC-VCU100 Vehicle Control Unit

Hardware Specifications
  • Dimensions 152w x 127d x 38h(mm)
  • Power: 6‐36VDC
  • Communication Ports:
    • 1 LIN port
    • 2 CAN bus ports
  • IO Ports:
    • Discrete inputs
    • Analog inputs, 12 bit resolution
      • Sensor power
    • Discrete Outputs:
      • Low Side Drive (LSD) up to 3 Amps
      • PWM outputs
  • Processor: (Lock step) Cortex M7 running at 240Mhz with FPU and DSP
  • Memory:
    • 8 Mbytes flash with ECC
    • 1.15Mbytes of RAM with ECC
  • Package: ABS black plastic UL 94V0
  • Connector: 80 Pin Molex Right angle CMC Header
  • Protection Rating: IP68/IP69
  • Temperature range: ‐40 to 95C
Additional Features
  • ISO26262 , ASIL‐D compliant
  • USA designed and manufactured
  • Integrated HSM
  • Secure boot
  • Secure internal key storage for signing, verification, and en‐cryption in secure module subcomponent
Software Features
  • Adaptable Software with modular design for easy integration, performing all Vehicle Control functions
  • ISS FlexHSM pre‐ported through partnership with ISS
  • ISS FlexUpdate pre‐ported through partnership with ISS
  • ISS DLM Trust for provisioning through partnership with ISS
  • Secure communication available through DLM Trust (available through partnership with ISS)
  • Software developed to Autosar coding guidelines