Securing the Worlds’ Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicles

Welcome To CyberCogs

As our roads become more and more congested they become more dangerous and less efficient. We must find better ways to use technology to create Intelligent Transportation Systems to better manage congestion while improving safety. Doing this starts with building secure vehicles, while securing all communications from vehicles to roadside Infrastructure. CyberCogs was formed to provide the building blocks “The Cogs” for our Auto OEMs to build secure, connected vehicles through our revolutionary Electronic Controller Units (ECUs) and our Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for building secure management systems to provision and manage our vehicles and infrastructure. As vehicles and infrastructure become more connected the need for security will grow exponentially. CyberCogs is a game changer by providing the most robust and secure Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Electronic Controller Units (ECUs) available today. Designed and manufactured in the United States by US citizens, CyberCogs’ family of next-generation HSMs and ECUs can support your most demanding requirements.

Why Cybercogs?

CyberCogs is the only US-based HSM and ECU manufacturer to provide the following:

Secure Gateways designed, from the ground up to be secure with secure FOTA updates built in.

Authenticated Diagnostics for secure servicing of any vehicle.

A full line of EV ECUs including our CCU-1000 for secure charging, power distribution and control in 1 ECU.

Solution For Complex Signing Flow

Our next-generation HSM solutions make sending, signing, and authenticating transactions quick and easy.

Advanced Cyber Security Solutions

All of our HSMs provide tamper protected generation, storage, and management of cryptographic keys.

Regulation and Compliance

Our end-to-end HSM based solutions are designed and built in the USA with Fips 140-2 level 4 physical security included.

Trusted Secure Environment

CyberCogs HSMs and ECUs feature loadable software modules for execution of custom modules in a trusted environment.